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A Gilded Stone Shield
Gilded Stone Shield

Gilded Stone Shield.png

Durability 259
Stackable No
Added by Asgard Shield

The Gilded Stone Shield is one of the shields added by the Asgard Shield mod. It is an upgraded version of the Stone Shield. It has a durability of 259. It inflicts 1.5 hearts of damage and does 2 blocks of knockback with each hit. When not guarding, the shield absorbs 20% of damage taken. Its weakness is explosions, and the stone will break easily under strong overwhelming damage. Its special perk is fire protection. When on guard, the shield will reduce fire damage by 100%, unlike the Stone Shield's 50%. Gilded Stone Shields can block for twice as long as Stone Shields.

Note: This shield is currently not craftable in Hexxit, a result of a bug where putting the ingredients into a crafting table will result in crafting a Wooden Shield.


Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Stone Shield

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gilded Stone Shield

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