Hexical Essence

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Hexical Essence is an item used to make Hexical Diamonds, which are essential in crafting pieces of the three Hexxit Gear Armor sets (Tribal, Thief, and Scale). One Hexical Diamond is needed for each Hexxit Gear armor piece.


Hexbiscus plant can be harvested to grant Hexical Essence

The essence can be harvested from the Hexbiscus flower. It is an extremely rare flower, which can be found in the Jungle, Plains, Snow, Forest, and Twilight Forest biomes. You can sometimes find Hexical Essence in chests in dungeons, though it is quite rare. It is also sometimes dropped by Infernal Mobs.


Hexical Essence

Hexical Essence


Hexical Essence

Hexical Essence

Hexical Diamond

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