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Tables using the four vanilla woods.

Wooden Tables can be made of all 4 vanilla woods to acquire tables of different color. Items can then be placed on top of the table by right-clicking with that item on the top of the table. A single item GUI can also be opened by shift-clicking the table with an empty hand. Items on the table can also be rotated around a two-dimensional axis. To rotate items, use a tape measure on any of the 4 sides of the table, or if you have other tech mods installed, a wrench, crowbar, or screwdriver will also work. Any 2 opposing sides will rotate the item in the same direction. Any 2 adjacent sides will rotate the items around different axes. Also, the table will emit a light level that matches whatever item is stored on the table.  When two or more tables are placed next to eachother they will merge into one table. This merging seems to go on indefinitely. 


Oak Wood Slab

Oak Wood Slab

Oak Wood Plank

Oak Wood Plank

Oak Wood Slab

Oak Table

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