Armor Bar

Armor Bar
Author(s) Crudedragos
Website Link
Latest Version (MC Version) Unknown (Unknown)
Used Version (MC Version) 0.7.1 (1.5.2)
Armor and arrows in the HUD.

This mod displays the currently equipped armor and its durability in the HUD. The helmet and chestplate are on the left, and the leggings and boots are on the right. It works with any item you can put into the armor slots in your inventory. In addition, it displays the number of arrows in your inventory. However, the number of arrows shown does not include arrows that are in a quiver in your inventory.


  • If non-armor item is equipped (ex: mob heads), it is shown as having full durability.


  • In some conditions, the head-armor part will block chat messages if the chat message is long enough.

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