Fully grown barley compared to fully grown wheat
Barley is a plant that is featured in Hexxit. This plant often replaces a player's usual wheat farm as it is a more efficient food source. 


Barley is used to create bread in a more efficient manner. While three barley can be crafted into bread in the same way that wheat can, one barley in the crafting grid will produce one flour, which can be baked in a furnace to produce one bread. This makes barley three times as efficient as wheat in terms of bread production.


Barley is found naturally in any biome that contains dirt/grass blocks. Hitting a wild barley plant once yields some barley as well as a couple of seeds. Barley spawns in a similar pattern to pumpkins so they can support a player for a little while as well as drop plenty of seeds to grow your own.


  • Barley is affected by bonemeal in the same way that wheat is, requiring 2-3 bonemeal to fully grow a crop.
  • Barley grows slightly faster than wheat.
  • Fully grown barley drops 1 seed about 60% of the time and 2-3 40% of the time
  • Barley cannot be used to breed or attract animals.

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