Carminite Ghastling

Carminite Ghastling
Added by

Twilight Forest

Health Points


Attack Strength



Dark Tower


Gunpowder.png 0-2 Gunpowder
Ghast Tear.png 0-1 Ghast Tear

Carminite Ghastling is a mob added by Twilight Forest that can be found in Dark Towers. They have 10 health and can drop the same items as a Ghast which makes them a fair alternative to them. They may be bound to Soul Shards introduced by the Soul Shards mod.


They can spawn almost anywhere inside the Tower, and the Ur-Ghast will spawn them while in Tantrum Mode.


They are fairly weak and have only 1 attack: a fireball. The fireballs can be deflected like normal fireballs. There are also lots of turns and obstacles in Dark Towers, making it easy to find cover. It is best to shoot them with an bow as they can fly. They can be killed easily with 1-2 fully drawn back arrows.

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