Carminite Golem

Carminite Golem
Carminite Golem.png
Added by

Twilight Forest

Health Points


Attack Strength





Iron Ingot.png 0-2 Iron Ingot
Towerwood Planks.png Towerwood Planks

Carminite Golem is a mob added by the Twilight Forest mod. Carminite Golems are found in Dark Towers and are one of the most dangerous foes to be faced there.(Verification Needed) They can spawn with or without monster spawners, and the spawners should be taken care of as soon as possible. They resemble Iron Golems in both appearance and behavior, except Carminite Golems become hostile to the player on the spot.

Because of their high hp and attack points, Carminite Golems are hard on their own and terrifying in large groups. If you have a ranged weapon, avoid melee and take the golems out from afar, otherwise make sure you have a strong melee weapon and decent armor. Their arm swing knock you up and back, causing fall damage in addition to the initial attack. They drop 0-2 Iron Ingots and some Towerwood Planks when killed.

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