CastleWE is a structure generated by Better Dungeons and spawns in snowy biomes.  It is a building inhabited by walkers, and ranges in difficulty from hard to impossible. These castles are endgame structures, containing loot from diamonds to Hexxit gear. A walker boss awaits you atop the castle, so prepare yourself! It's a tough fight, but it's worth it! These structures are sometimes located beside Cathedrals .


To the right of the entrance is a set of bookshelves that looks out of place.  Behind these bookshelves is a secret room that runs the length of the castle all the way to the rounded tower section.  The long part of the room is covered with pressure plates that are wired to dispensers, most filled with arrows, but a few filled with fire charges.  In the rounded tower portion of the secret room is a giant Turtle Boss living in a pool.  The boss can be heard as a water gurgling sound while exploring the castle.


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