Falling Meteors

Falling Meteors
Author(s) Unknown
Website Unknown
Latest Version (MC Version) Unknown (Unknown)
Used Version (MC Version) Unknown (1.5.2)

The Falling Meteors Mod, eponymously, adds falling meteors to the Hexxit world. They fall during night with a loud explosion and come in three varieties: normal meteorite, Frezarite, and Kreknorite. The crash sites offer new raw materials with which items can be crafted, depending on the type of meteorite.

WIth these materials, this mod adds new armor, weapons, tools, items, and two mobs to the Hexxit modpack.


Along with three new sets of armor and tools, this mod adds six new items to aid in finding the meteorites. Here are the materials and items added to the game.

Aftermath of a Frezarite meteorite collision.


New Devices

Types of Meteors


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