Forest Raven

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Forest Raven
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Twilight Forest

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16px 0-2 Raven's Feather

Forest Raven is a mob found in the Twilight Forest that is the Twilight Forest equivalent of the Bat in the overworld. Although Bats have only 3 hearts of health, Ravens have 5 hearts. Although their counterparts are capable of flying, Ravens do not fly and hop from block to block if at all possible. Like Chickens and Penguins, Ravens will fall from a high elevation by flapping their wings, preventing them from taking fall damage. Ravens cannot be bred or led with either wheat or seeds. Ravens are a fairly valuable mob, as their feathers are very valuable in the creation of the Magic Map Focus, which can be used to create the Magic Map, a very valuable item that can allow the player to easily note major landmarks and easily navigate large swaths of the Forest.

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