Heart of Transformation

The Heart of Transformation is the functional block of the Tree of Transformation, one of the four magic trees introduced by the Twilight Forest mod. This block can be activated or deactivated with a right click. When active (i.e. when the heart featured on the block is blue), it will actively convert the nearby area to an Enchanted Forest biome. Grass colors, vines, leaves, and Twilight Forest plants will behave as expected. In addition, when active, it will produce a variety of sounds reminiscent of note blocks, which can be quite useful in detecting and measuring lag; when the game is frozen or unresponsive, or when the game is experiencing a lag spike, the notes will stop playing.  Whether active or inactive, it gives off light with a level of fourteen, the brightness of a torch. 

It can be broken and obtained only by using a silk touch tool which is NOT an axe. If you use an axe, TreeCapitator will be invoked, and the axe's silk touch enchantment will be disregarded.


  • BEWARE. This block may cause serious lag spikes during and after the conversion to the Enchanted Forest biome. (verification needed)

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