This castle is a structure generated by the Better Dungeons mod. It first appears as an incomplete 1x1 pillar of endstone with ladders climbing one face. The castle at the top of the pillar is a large structure made of end stone. In the middle, ladders lead up to higher layers with loot and monsters.This castle is guarded by skeletons or walkers and there is a Necromancer Boss within.


With diamond scale armor (full) and a diamond giant sword, to sometimes block damage, this dungeon can be relatively easy.

A bow to deal with creepers is recommended.

Another good way to deal with creepers without arrows is a poison staff. Simply right click the creeper with it (probably from any distance) and it will be poisoned. This will take it down to 1 health, so long as you try to avoid it. Then, simply hit it once. Uses almost no durability, and very effective.

It is recommended to have 25 food points worth of food to restore. be SURE to deal with creepers first, you don't want holes all over with a chance to fall through.


Lets start with some pictures.

The Tower from the Ground

This is the Tower from the Ground: as you can see, it is pretty high up, and shows up well on the mini-map.

At the Top of the Ladder

Climbing the Ender Stone ladder, near the top of the big Ball

Climbig Stairs
Now, here a creeper blew the bottom of the ball up a bit, but i placed a ladder and went up. BE WARNED, creepers do spawn here, and there are a reasonable amount
2013-07-02 12.47.16.png
As you can see, inside it is about... 3 blocks high, much like the bottom of a ball, with skeletons in armor and not, and zombies. (and creepers)
2013-07-02 12.47.18.png
Looking up, there are 2 more layers above, with fences to keep you from falling. you CAN just try to place blocks below you and get up, but you will bypass some decent loot, and get almost no xp... so kinda pointless.
2013-07-02 12.47.23.png
On one side, with two chests on either side (with a scale diamond shield, so sometimes good loot, don't pass up ANY of the chests, you never know)

there are blocks leading up, sorta like stairs. just check for loot, jump up to the next level, and kill all THOSE monsters. (beware, they can spawn behind you). Then, kill everyone in that level, and proceed to the next one.

2013-07-02 12.48.02.png
On the third level, you will see an open area (with lots of monsters originally). Several creepers, and a NECROMANCER (big guy, 110 health, vampire effects). Just kill him, no biggie, slaughter everyone else.
2013-07-02 12.48.11.png
At the end glass surrounds water, and four lava blocks (two on either side in the front, and two on either side in the back). As you can see, a creeper blew one up, and water got everywhere, so watch out. This is great for obsidian, if you need it: 8 obsidian.
2013-07-02 12.48.34.png
Now, there will also be two chests. go up those stairs after looting (so far you will have looted 2 chests on each of the 3 levels before stairs). But be careful, it is recommended you stand on the bottom step and swing sword upwards. skeletons in armor and spiders (maybe creepers) will be camping the top of the stairs, so try to kill them all. Now, like usual, when you get up the stairs look around for creepers first.
2013-07-02 12.48.47.png
There are 3 little towers (one to left and right, and big one in the middle).

After killing creepers and anyone near, go to towers on LEFT and RIGHT.

2013-07-02 12.49.21.png
Each tower will contain three chests, loot and head to the middle tower. (make sure to keep checking for creepers, they will keep spawning).
2013-07-02 12.49.27.png
It looks like this. (creeper blew up the left a bit)
2013-07-02 12.49.32.png
Looking left there is just wall and zombies and skellies.
2013-07-02 12.49.33.png
Looking right there is a staircase, take that up to the top (there MAY be a creature on the way, but no bosses anymore.
2013-07-02 12.49.36.png

At the top are the final loot chests.

These are the last chests, after this go back down and watch your step.

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