The Minoshroom is a mini-boss found lurking in its prison in the bottom of a Labyrinth. The Minoshroom is a bizarre hybrid of a Mooshroom and a Minotaur. The Minoshroom can be found in its own room that is filled with Mycelium, Mushrooms, and has four Chests, one in each corner, containing valuable loot. This room will have four entrances, one facing in each cardinal direction, each 4x4 in size and filled with Fence, which prevents the Minoshroom from escaping from the room unless let out by the player or by an explosion that destroys the fence. 
Mino shroom.png


The Minoshroom is extremely tough to kill, and it protects a valuable treasure trove. Once this creature sees you, it will start rampaging at you, but don't worry, it cannot break out of its prison. The Minoshroom can do great amount of damage, so it is advised to be very careful while battling the creature.

One popular method is to break one of the fences surrounding its cage, and hit it through the hole. That way, it can't hit you, but you can hit it.


Killing a Minoshroom with get you the highly rewarding Minotaur Axe. This axe does bonus damage when a player is charging (sprinting). Minoshrooms will also drop 3-5 bowls of Meef Stronganoff when killed. There are also 4 chests around the room in which it lives, with various loot from ironwood to steelleaf.

Minotaur Axe

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