Moonworm Queen

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Moonworm Queen
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Moonworm Queen

Twilight Forest







The Moonworm Queen is from the Twilight Forest mod. It is a strange green insect found as treasure in some Hollow Hill chests. The Moonworm Queen is filled with Moonworm eggs, which will attach Moonworms to walls or almost any solid surface. Moonworms can also produce light when placed, exactly like Torches. By holding the button down like a bow, the Queen can be instructed to fire the Moonworms as a projectile, which will then stick to any available surface it lands on.

The Moonworm Queen has 256 eggs, although launching Moonworms will use up her supply twice as fast as placing them. The Queen can be rejuvenated when empty by feeding her 3 clusters of Torchberries in the crafting table.

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