Pirate Boss

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The Pirate Boss is a boss mob added in the Better Dungeons mod. The pirate boss has a cape with a jolly roger on it, a pirate hat, and a red coat. He wields a ninja dagger which is dropped upon death. There are two types of huge pirate ships and he will spawn in both.

Attacks / Abilities

The pirate boss has 500 hp (250 hearts) and deals (5) hearts of damage. After losing his shield he will use the ninja dagger to turn invisible and multiply. If you hit a clone 1-5 times it will vanish or teleport. It is fairly easy to tell the difference between clones and the boss, because the real one wears a cape.

Location / Strategy

The Pirate Boss is located at the top room in a large pirate ship dungeon. The ship is full of dangerous pirate minions.

The Pirate Boss it a fairly easy boss. If you have iron armor or better with an diamond sword or better you'll be able to take him down (if you're lucky) in the main chest room as if it were PvP. A bow will come in handy too.

If not, make sure you kill all other pirates on the ship and have regeneration items ready (golden apple, regeneration potion, etc.). Attack him on the balcony where he spawns until his shield breaks. After that, he should multiply or teleport. Lure him onto the main deck and kite, or train, him without passing the center building. Make sure that neither of you falls down the trapdoors int the main hold. Just keep running in a circle and if your health gets critical just use a regen item and sprint ahead of him.

On death, he drops a ninja dagger and (rarely) a few diamonds. 

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