Soul Shard

This article is about the item, for the mod, visit Soul Shards.

The Soul Shard is used to absorb the soul of a single mob that you kill, while it is in your hotbar. Once you kill that single mob that Soul Shard then only absorbs that mobs soul and begins to count the kills. After 64 kills, you get a tier 1 Soul Shard which can then be placed in a Soul Cage for spawning that mob (for more info on Tiers, see below.) Keep in mind that mobs spawned from a Soul Cage DO NOT give you souls in a separate Soul Shard though they will still give you souls for the harken's sythe mod and will also spawn boss mobs.

How to create Soul Shards

To create a Soul Shard you will need;

  • 1 Glowstone Block
  • 4 Netherrack
  • 8 End Stone
  • 1 Diamond

Then put them in the formation to the right.

Then 'use' (default right-click) a diamond to the glowstone to collect your Soul Shard.

After completion, the glowstone block and 4 netherrack will turn to end stone.


Tier Souls (Mob Kills) Mobs Per Spawn Spawn Latency Needs Players Nearby Other Worlds Ignore Light Level Works On Redstone Signal
1 64 2 20 Yes No No No
2 128 4 10 Yes No No No
3 256 4 5 Yes No No No
4 512 4 5 No Yes No No
5 1024 6 2 No Yes Yes Yes


  • It is possible to get multiple Soul Shard from one 'ritual' by right clicking very fast.


  • This can be an End Stone generator (if you don't have access to The End yet)since you got 5 End Stone per ritual (you can get first 10 End Stone from kamiPalace)
  • You can bring (and fill)multiple Soul Shards, this can be useful when visiting Battle Towers
  • Soul Shard filling starts from left-most hotbar (slot 1), meaning if you have an empty Soul Shard in slot 1 and a filled Spider Soul Shard in slot 2, it will transform the empty Soul Shard in slot 1 to Spider-filled one instead of filling the Spider Soul Shard in slot 2. Because of this, players are recommended to place empty Soul Shard in slot 9 (so if no specific soul shard found, it will transform the empty one)

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