Tinkers' Construct

Tinkers' Construct
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Tables from the mod.

Tinkers Construct is a mod included in the hexxit modpack and allows for adding modifiers and repairing tools without any costly iron or anvils.

Getting Started

A book is placed into your inventory as you spawn and as you create mod items. These books give any crafting recipe that you will need for this mod. In the first book you will be given two sets of recipes. One is made of wood tables and the other is for seared bricks and what comes from them. To get a second instructional book, craft and place one of the four wood tables. To get the third instructional book, craft and place one of the seared brick pieces. 

Five Starting Tables

The Tool Forge is a new builder that appears to replace the Tool Station. It was added with a recent Hexxit update.


Using this mod you can change a tool's statistics. A table of modifiers is below:

Material Effect
Redstone +0.08 to mining speed (up to 50, or +4.00 per slot).
Diamond +500 uses to a tool, increases mining level to 3 (Obsidian).
Emerald +50% uses to a tool, increases mining level to 2 (Redstone).
Ball of Moss Tool slowly repairs itself (Repairs faster in sunlight.), stacks.
Lava Crystal Auto-smelts mined ore, sets mobs on fire for 3 seconds. Not compatible with Silky Jewel. Does not Stack.
Lapis Lazuli Adds Fortune/Looting, requires 100 lapis lazuli for level I, 300 for level II and 450 for level III. Not compatible with Silky Jewel.
Quartz Stacks up to 72 (3 (Heart.svgHeart Half.svg) points of of damage) per modifier slot.
Blaze Powder Sets enemies on fire. (up to 25 powder per slot) duration of flame is increased by 1 second for every 5 powder.
Necrotic Bone Adds life-steal to the weapon. Stackable, uses one modifier slot every one bone. Heals 0-2 Points of Health every attack.
Silky Jewel Adds Silk Touch. Not Compatible with Lava Crystal or Lapis Lazuli.
Battery + Circuit Weapons uses electric charge instead of using up durability. IC2 only.
Block of Gold + Diamond +1 Modifier. Can only be used once per tool. Independent from the Nether Star additional modifier.
Nether Star +1 Modifier. Can only be used once per tool. Independent from Block of Gold and Diamond additional modifier.
Piston Adds Knockback

If you add more than one of the same type of modifier it will use up the next modifier slot and will upgrade the tool/weapon further in that field. e.g. Adding more than the max amount of quartz for one modifier slot (72) it will use up another modifier slot but raise the max amount of quartz to 144.

Material Table

Each material has a set of attributes associated with it.

The durability is the number of uses a tool will have if it's "business end" is made of that material. e.g. A wooden Hatchet will have 59 uses.

The handle modifier is a multiplier which you multiply the base durability of the tool by. e.g. A wooden hatchet with a Green Slime Rod for a handle will have 118 uses (59 * 2). NOTE: In Materials and You Vol. 2, the "Full Tool Durability" is listed. This is the durability of an item with a handle and "business end" of that material (base durability * handle mod).

The mining speed is the relative speed at which the tool will gather materials, be it mining ores or chopping down trees. It should be noted that this number is irrelevant for weapons; higher mining speed does not correlate with any damage done by weapons of the same material.

Mining level indicates what materials a Pickaxe of that material would be able to mine. It should be noted that this can be improved for low-level materials by affixing a Diamond to a Pickaxe via the Tool Station.

Base attack is a measure of damage (in hearts) done to an enemy with 0 armor. Testing needed to compare this number with different tools.

Some materials also have special abilites. These are listed below.

Material Durability Handle Mod Mining Spd Mining Lv Base Atk Ability
Wood 59 x1 2.0 Stone 0 -
Stone 131 x0.5 4.0 Iron 0.5 Stonebound I
Iron 250 x1.3 6.0 Redstone 1 Reinforced I
Flint 171 x0.7 5.25 Iron 1 Stonebound I
Cactus 150 x1 5.0 Iron 1 Spiny I
Bone 200 x1 4.0 Iron 0.5 -
Obsidian 89 x0.8 7.0 Obsidian 1 Reinforced III
Alumite 550 x1.3 8.0 Cobalt 1.5 Reinforced II
Netherrack 131 x1.2 4.0 Redstone 0.5 Stonebound I
Blue Slime 500 x1.5 1.5 Iron 0 -
Green Slime 1500 x2 1.5 Obsidian 0 -
Paper 30 x0.3 2.0 Stone 0 +1 modifier
Cobalt 800 x1.75 11.0 Cobalt 1.5 Reinforced II
Ardite 600 x2 8.0 Cobalt 1.5 Stonebound II
Manyullyn 1200 x2.5 9.0 Manyullyn 2 -
Copper 180 x1.15 5.0 Iron 1.0 -
Bronze 350 x1.3 7.0 Redstone 1 Reinforced I
Steel 750 x1.3 8.0 Cobalt 1.5 Reinforced II

Breaking and Repairs

When a tool or weapon from this mod is used until it breaks, it will leave a broken tool in the player's inventory. If the tool is made entirely of one material, a single chunk, rod, or "ingot" of that material may be infused into the tool using a Tool Station. Doing so will return a fixed tool of the same type.

Broken tools made from multiple materials can be repaired by putting the broken tool into the tool station's tool slot, and spare material of the same type as the tool head used in the tools construction, into the top modifier slot.

For Example: A pickaxe made with an iron handle, stone binding, and obsidian pickaxe head, will require spare obsidian blocks to repair the pickaxe head. A mattock made with an iron handle, stone shovel, and obsidian axe will require obsidian to repair. (repairs requires the material that is used in the tool slot during construction)




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