Author(s) Shukaro
Website Minecraft Forum
Latest Version (MC Version) Artifice-1.1.2-184 (1.6.3)
Used Version (MC Version) (1.5.2)

Artifice adds worldgen, new blocks and new items. All blocks and items added by Artifice have tooltips which show their function, and other relevant information.



  • Sickle - Harvest plants or leaves in a radius around the harvest point, with an increasing radius (1-5) based on construction material.
  • Sledge - Used to smash crafted blocks down into pieces, with a decreasing chance of loss (50-20%) based on construction material. For example, right-clicking on TNT will break it down into gunpowder and sand.

Flowers With the exception of Lotus Lillies, flowers can be crafted into two dyes.


Metals Three nuggets are crafted into three coins.

Coins For use by server owners, as er... coins.


  • Box - Storage items that allow you to store up to eight of the same item per box, one time use only..
  • Detector - Send out a redstone pulse any time an adjacent block adjacent is updated.

Blocks Added


Basic building blocks that are used as components in other recipes. Frames come in four tiers:

Blast Walls

As the name suggests, blast walls are blast resistant and come in four tiers with resistances of 20, 30, 50 & 80 respectively. Bricks (the block) has a blast resistance of 30, and since two Reinforced Blast Walls requires four bricks (the item) and one clay, it effectively needs less clay to manufacture. However, since a Reinforced Frame that uses iron ingots is also required, it may be used as a cheap building material in some cases.

  • Basic Blast Wall
  • Reinforced Blast Wall
  • Industrial Blast Wall
  • Advanced Blast Wall

Glass Walls

Similarly to blast walls, glass walls are sturdier versions of glass, with resistances of 15, 25, 45 & 75, which compares very well to vanilla glass (and panes) with a blast resistance of 1.5.


Left click on a scaffold with a scaffold to stack upwards, right click to place normally. You can build out to the maximum overhang of each tier (4, 8, 12 & 16) in any given direction. Scaffold can be climbed up, but unlike a ladder you cannot climb down again. Breaking the bottom scaffolding block will knock down the whole stack.

Basalt & Marble

There are a variety of decorative blocks that can be crafted from basalt and marble, including bricks, stairs, and slabs. All blocks are crafted in the same way as their vanilla counterparts. Pavers come in two varieties, Paver and Antipaver. Each will connect to themselves, but they do not connect to the other, allowing for some interesting patterns. Pavers and Antipavers can be interchanged freely in the crafting grid.

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