Harken Scythe

The Harken Scythe mod adds a long list of new armors, items, and weapons to be used in the Hexxit Modpack. Each and every weapon serves a special purpose in making other items, improving other items, and making special armors!

Collecting Soul/Blood

Abilities from this mod are acquired by soul gathering or blood gathering to perform the main purpose of the mod. To perform this method of soul/blood gathering, you must craft or find yourself a Scythe to collect souls and a Glaive to collect blood (Hold Right Click and release to perform the desired weapon's specific ability).


These are acquired from the Altars of Blood and Soul, or the Enchanting Table .

Soul Augments

Soulsteal: Applicable only to weapons, this augment causes killed mobs to have a chance to drop their souls. 33% chance to drop soul on death per rank. 100% at rank III

Vitality: Applicable only to armor, this augment causes damage received to be occasionally be done to your hunger bar rather than your health bar. 5% chance per rank. Max 20% perpeice of armor at rank IV

Blight: Applicable only to bows, this affects the target with Wither effect. 5 seconds per rank. Max 15 seconds at rank III

Ward: Applicable only to Asgard Shields, this augment causes Vanguard to be more accessible. 10% x Rank chance on successful block while Guarding to gain an extra Vanguard Charge.

Decapitate: Applicable to axes, and on rare occasion weapons, this augmentation increases the chance of decapitating a mob and getting their head by 33% per rank.

Blood Augments

Bloodletting: Applicable only to weapons, this augment causes the mob to bleed an amount of blood when hit. 10% chance per Rank.

Exude: Applicable only to armor, this augment gives a chance to reduce poison/wither damage per tick. 4% chance per Rank.

Hemorrhage: Hitting bleedable targets causes them to bleed out for 5 seconds per Rank.

Afterlife: 10% x Rank on target death to create an Mob Egg of its type.

Sanguinary: Allows Vanguard to heal the player when activated and hits target. By 1/2/3 hearts. 3 Ranks

List of new items

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