Inventory Tweaks

The Inventory Tweaks mod is a passive mod that allows you to easily manage your inventory. As your tools break, this mod automatically replaces that tool (as long as you have a second one of the same type in your inventory) or if your stack runs out, it automatically replaces that too. Along with inventory sorting, it also allows you to sort chests with a single click of the mouse. Inventory Tweaks Mod is found in most of the Technic packs and downloadable from it's thread on the Minecraft Forums Here . The default key for inventory arrangement is the "R" key.

However, Inventory Tweaks is not compatible with Reinforced Chests of any type. 

Inventory Tweaks "R" Demonstration

There are also buttons on the top right corner of most chests.

Most mods are compatible though Convenient Inventory has been reported to conflict with Inventory Tweaks For sure.1.

This Mod Requires Forge.


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