The Mazebreaker is a rare pickaxe that can only be found in secret chests in Twilight Forest Labrinth, and is the only tool known to break through maze blocks at a normal block breaking rate (~2 seconds.)

Mazebreakers, by default come with Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, and Fortune II. Other than breaking maze blocks faster, behaves little better than a diamond pickaxe with the same enchantments.

The secret chests in which the mazebreaker is found occur on the lower floors of a labrinth inside of solid 16x16 blocks of mazeblock with a slightly elevated (by 1 block) room in the middle (6x6) surrounded by wooden pressure plates linked up to TNT blocks. Finding these rooms can be accomplished in 2 ways. 

  •  Look for a solid block with no room in it in the maze. It is almost certainly a secret chest room.
  •  Create your maze map 1 block off the ground. This allows the secret chest rooms to show up on the map as a room with no enterances.

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