Scepter of Life Draining

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Scepter of Life Draining
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Twilight Forest







Scepter of Life Draining is a weapon added by Twilight Forest. It is one of the three types of scepters that can be dropped by the Twilight Lich.

To use this, hold right click when looking at the target (target must be ~20 blocks), it will damage the target for 3(Heart.svgHeart Half.svg) point of damage and heals you for 1 (Heart Half.svgpoint of health every one interval.


This item can't be crafted, but can be recharged


Fermented Spider Eye

Non-Empty Scepter of Life Draining can't be recharged


  • Scepters can have Unbreaking Enchantments, and if enchanted with unbreaking, it will have a chance to not lose charge when life draining.
  • Starting life draining will play a sound, which sounds like Flint and Steel Sound.


  • If you only life drain for one interval, it may only damages the target, but does not heal you.
  • If you use a Scepter of life draining to a Lich, it will break it's sheilds almost immediently

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