Turtle Boss

Turtle Boss
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Turtle in shell
Turtle out of shell
The Turtle Boss's bubble attack

The Turtle Boss is, as its name implies, an enormous turtle that resides in the ice castle on the bottom floor guarding a chest. It can be found when you enter the castle and look around for some bookshelves that are out of place and don't fit in. Break these bookshelves. The Turtle boss has 500 HP. Its primary attack is spinning around in its shell. This attack does around 1 heart of damage with full iron armor spin attack. It also encases the player in a water bubble that will then float into the air. When the bubble pops, the fall deals about 2 hearts of damage. The bubble can also transport players through blocks, causing you to appear in the guard room above its lair.  For some, it's easier to fight if you get it outside of the castle, as you then have some room for dodging its attacks. Later in the battle, it starts regenerating, which can be very problematic as it can get back to full health. When slain, the Turtle Boss drops turtle scales , which can be used to make Turtle Scale Armor . The chest it guards usually has some diamonds and gold blocks.

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