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Hexxit can be tough, as there are lots of new mods to master, monuments to build, voids to explore, and chocobos to ride. Of course, the first night on any Minecraft world can be difficult, not exclusively a Hexxit world. You should begin gathering vanilla items for the first few days.

Step 1: Finding an area to start

Estimated time taken: A little over/under the first in-game week (7 days)

You should start looking for a place to keep your stuff, because in Hexxit you'll find that building a giant house isn't what needs to be your biggest goal. Try finding an area that you would usually use in vanilla. Also, find an area that has battle towers or odd structures in the area so that you can run your stuff back and forth, without losing all of your valuables.

Step 2: Gathering Resources

Estimated time taken: As long as necessary

First, craft an axe. It will be easier to acquire wood due to the Treecapitator mod. Next, mine some stone (half a stack, at least), and craft a stone pickaxe with your remaining sticks ( use the traditional pickaxe recipe). Ore spawns more frequently in Hexxit due to the CoFH Core (diamonds can spawn above sea level), so finding them will not be too difficult. Look around cliff faces for exposed ores such as coal and iron, and mine them up. If you find precious ores such as redstone, gold or diamond, leave them for now as the sun should just be beginning to set and you only have a stone pickaxe.

Step 3: Apply skills you've acquired through playing Minecraft

Estimated time taken: As long as necessary

In Hexxit, you will play Minecraft the way you normally do, with extra features from the mods applied.

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