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The Chisel is a tool in the Tinkers' Construct mod. It can be crafted, modified, and repaired at the Tool Station


To craft, place a Tool Rod and a Chisel Head in the correct slots in the Chisel tab of the Tool Station.


The Chisel is used to make various brick blocks. The chisel can either be used in the crafting grid, or by holding right-click on a block in the world. It can produce Stone Bricks, Brownstone Road, Brownstone Brick, Fancy Brownstone, Chiseled Brownstone, Obsidian Brick, Smooth Sandstone, Chiseled Sandstone, Sandstone Brick, Iron Brick, Gold Brick, Lapis Brick, Diamond Brick, Redstone Brick, Bone Brick, Slime Brick, Endstone Brick, Fancy Obsidian Brick, Fancy Sandstone Brick, Fancy Netherrack Brick, Fancy Polished Stone Brick, Fancy Iron Brick, Fancy Gold Brick, Fancy Lapis Brick, Fancy Diamond Brick, Fancy Redstone Brick, Fancy Bone Brick, Fancy Slime Brick, Fancy Endstone Brick, Fancy Obsidian Brick, Stone Road, Fancy Stone Brick, Chiseled Stone Bricks, Seared Paver, Chiseled Seared Bricks, Seared Bricks, Seared Road, Fancy Seared Bricks, and Chiseled Seared Bricks.

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