Infernal Mobs

Infernal Mobs
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The Infernal Mobs mod adds rare special mobs with special abilites/buffs; these mobs are often much more difficult to kill than your average monster. Some abilities can be very annoying or dangerous when added together, such as Bulwark and Regen or Wither and Vengeance. Infernal mobs drop 4 times the experience and a random enchanted item (mod items included). There are three kinds of infernal mobs:

Rare - 2-4 effects, 2-4 times the base HP
Ultra - 7 effects, 7 times the base HP
Infernal - 11 effects, 11 times base HP.
A powerful 'Infernal' mob.
An ultra zombie, 7x the hp of a normal zombie (140, normal is 20.)

Possible Special Abilities

  • 1UP - Mobs heals fully, once, upon getting low
  • Alchemist - Throws random potions at the player, may throw a positive potion effect
  • Berserk - Mobs deals double damage, but hurts itself on attacking
  • Blastoff - Tosses Players into the air
  • Bulwark - Mob has 50% damage resistance
  • Cloaking - Invisibility Potion effect on Mob
  • Darkness - Blindness Potion effect on Player
  • Ender - Can teleport to dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the Players
  • Exhaust - Exhaust Potion effect on Players
  • Fiery - Sets the Player on Fire
  • Ghastly - Shoots Fireballs
  • Gravity - Knocks back or pulls Players
  • Lifesteal - Heals from attacking
  • Ninja - Can teleport to dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the Player
  • Poisonous - Poisons Player
  • Quicksand - Slow Potion effect on Player
  • Regen - Heals 2 Health per second
  • Rust - Causes high amounts of wear on weapons when hit and on armor when the mob hits the player
  • Sapper - Hunger Potion effect on Players
  • Sprint - High movement speed bursts
  • Sticky - Has a chance to cause the player to drop the weapon they attacked the mob with with
  • Storm - Calls down Lightning
  • Twin - Comes Back at full health after dying
  • Vengeance - Reflects a portion of all damage done. Reflected damage will apply other on-damage abilities like blastoff and wither.
  • Weakness - Weakness Potion effect on Players
  • Webber - Spawns Webs at the Players legs
  • Wither - Wither effect 
Ultra nitro.png

         (Undying[has a good chance at respawning at full health])


Bosses can become immensely powerful through the Infernal mod. It is unknown whether or not Ender Dragons apply, but Withers and most bosses added by Hexxit mods are liable to become supercharged. Bosses will gain and use abilities, although they will spawn at their base HP. However, these bosses will regenerate to their multiplied HP if they have 1UP, Regen, or any other kind of healing. Wither HP will hard cap at 300, but Pirate Bosses, Spider Bosses, Necromancers, etc can become extremely durable.

Walker boss.png
Uber necromancer.jpg
Infernal Battle Tower Golem.


  • Soul Shard and vanilla spawners can spawn Infernal mobs.
  • Even smaller slimes (and magma cubes) spawned from killing larger slimes can become infernal mobs.
  • Nearly any mob can become Infernal, even bosses!
  • If an infernal mob is healed (Potion of instant health, etc), it's HP will turn to the mob original max HP (skeletons will go back to 20 HP, etc), this happened because infernal mob's max HP is not raised, only the HP, so if the mob is healed in any way it will 'update' and return to the max HP (since it exceeded the max HP).
  • Any mob's ability from this mod is disabled in the Rift Dimension.
  • Infernal mobs can spawn from spawn eggs.
    An Ultra zombie.
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