Dimensional Doors

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Dimensional Doors
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File:Wylker Spotlights Minecraft Dimensional Doors tutorial
This video shows the dimensional doors and their features.

Dimensional Doors is a mod for Hexxit which allows the player to create or enter areas called Pocket Dimensions. Pocket Dimensions are accessed with Dimensional Doors. These can either be player-created areas, or spawned in by world generation.

Currently there are three different Dimensional Doors. They are the Dimensional Door, the Warp Door, and the Transdimensional Trapdoor. Each of these serve a different purpose. If pocket dimensions are thought of as levels, every Dimensional Door descend a level, and every Warp Door ascends a level. Every time a Dimensional Door is gone through without going back to the overworld, an additional Warp Door is needed to ascend to the overworld. However, the Transdimensional Trapdoor will bring the player back to the overworld, although if the player goes too deep, the trapdoor may get "confused" on where to send them. The catch with these are they are only a one-time use only!

However, no matter what the risk may be, the reward of these pocket dimensions can be worth it. Creating a new pocket dimension, a 29x29x29 block area is created, all within a 2x1x1 area. The pocket dimensions also seem to act exactly like the overworld, other than beds which will explode like in the Nether and no mobs will spawn, which means trees, farms or anything else can be protected in these dimensions. The only exception to this are Monster Spawner and Soul Cages.


Technical Blocks




  • When returning from a dimension created by Dimensional Doors, there is a possibility of it resetting a chunk; causing anything player-placed in that chunk to be completely lost.
  • In some cases, rifts may be bugged and unable to be traveled through without first tossing any item through the rift to have it re-create itself and teleport the item to a dimension.
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